The CTA and the ASTRI flagship project

ASTRI (Astrofisica con Specchi a Tecnologia Replicante Italiana) is a flagship project of the 
Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research related to the next generation IACT 
(Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope), within the framework of the CTA (Cherenkov Telescope 
Array) International Observatory.
In this context, INAF (Italian National Institute of Astrophysics) is currently developing a 
scientific and technological breakthrough to allow the study of the uppermost end of the VHE 
domain (a few TeV - hundreds of TeV).
The ASTRI project timeframe is of about 3 years, and foresees the full development, installation 
and calibration of a Small Size class Telescope prototype compliant with the requirements of the 
High Energy array of CTA.
The ASTRI prototype will adopt an aplanatic, wide field, double reflection optical layout in a 
Schwarzschild-Couder configuration.
Moreover, the focal plane instrument will explore small pixelated detector sensors such as 
multi-anode PMTs or Silicon PM.
Among the number of technological challenges, this telescope will be the very first instrument 
implementing both the Schwarzschild-Couder optical configuration and the double reflection for 
air Cherenkov imaging.

The Astronomical Observatory of Rome and the ASI Science Data Center (involved team) partecipate 
to the project with key functions in different tematic areas: 
-Development of the ASTRI Scientific Archive (AAS)
-Data Reduction and Scientific Analysis Software (A-SciSoft) 
-Monitoring and Configuration Database (TMCDB)

Activities are formely finnaced by the realization of the ASTRI prototype, but they will evolve 
into the realization of the mini-array as pre-production facility of the whole CTA.

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